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Your carawaan will run along the pristine coastline of Makran shouldering the delightful Arabian sea. Explore the strategically located coastal landscape which has in the past hosted invading forces from the Arabian peninsula and the European colonists.

Major Tourist Attractions in the area include

Frere Hall, Bin Qasim Park, Clifton Beach, Quaid e Azam Mausoleum, Benazir Bhutto Park, Hawkes Bay, Princess of Hope, Pasni Fishing Village, Ormara Fishing Village, Astola Island, Mud Volcano of Hingol National Park, Gwadar Port, Jiwani Beach and Gwadar Beach.


The Region is interconnected by a well built, well maintained Makran Coastal Highway linking the metropolis of Karachi to the strategically located Gwadar Port. The Makran coastal belt is easily accessible from the rest of Pakistan through a vibrant road and rail network. From Islamabad, Indus highway and National Highway run parallel to each other through Punjab connecting major urban centers such as  Khushab, Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Khanewal, Multan and  Bahawalpur before entering Sindh. At Sukkur these two highways converge onto a singular National highway running through Sukkur, Sehwan , Hyderabad and finally entering Karachi. National highway and Indus highway were well maintained projects of NHA and offer a hassle free drive from Islamabad to Karachi. Few patches of the route are being upgraded to a motorway, the work on which is underway. All in all, reaching Karachi from Islamabad is a straight forward task on a 2WD vehicle, however the drive spans over 1500 km and consumes a toiling 20 hours. Accommodation is readily available along the Indus and National highways, though one might prefer staying in Bahawalpur or Multan because of an abundance of decent and affordable hotels.

Makran Coastline


Quaid e Azam Maosoleum,Frere Hall, Clifton Beach, Mohatta Palace,PAF Museum,Bin Qasim Park,Hill Park,Maritime Museum, Sea View Park, Churna Island, Aladin Amusement Park, Hawks Bay, Hingol National Park, Mud Volcano, Astola Island, Gwadar Beach, Princess of Hope